Browsers data usage for October 2021 are now available on

Browsers data usage for September 2021 are now available on

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Just to give you an idea of how hard and expensive it is to maintain compat, here's a story from the trenches:

Once when I was on the MS Edge team (pre-Chromium), I was debugging a "perf" bug in a site. It showed an infinite loading bar; the site never loaded. Turned out the loading bar was fake – it was hard-coded to expect very precise timing for some JS timer function (requestAnimationFrame or setTimeout, idr) so it worked on Chrome but not Edge. The user was convinced Edge was just "slow."

Show thread has been added to the list :bave:, 8 days after having sent an email to Microsoft.

Believe it or not, 0.2% of visits tentative (or a bit less then 100 visits) since Can I Stop launch in April 2019 come from IE11. :nard:

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CSS subgrids have landed in Firefox December 2019.

18 months later, there’s still no signal for implementation in any other browser. :nard:

Learn more about the subgrid feature:

When it’s finally time for you to drop IE11 support, you can send an email to Microsoft : they will add your website to a list, allowing it to be open on Edge Chromium directly from IE11:

If you don’t have the power to decide, show the people in power this list:

It’s a compilation of “popular” websites having drop IE11 support and sent an email to Microsoft.

I’m now a bot.

Starting next month I’ll post a tooth when browsers data get updated on

Two solutions came up to improve the versions selector (see screenshots). Both are better than the current one (a lazy `<select>` field), but the first one is the chosen.

The second feels okay and is more compact but doesn’t provide the space required to show the version metadata: date + status (current, legacy, beta…).

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Can I Stop’s current browser+version selector is not ideal, so there is room to improve it.

Here’s a video showing a preview of the new (but not deployed, yet) browser+version selector. The new browsers metadata provides a bit of context on a browser version, thanks to MDN’s compat data (

Next step after this one will be to add version ranges (e.g. data for Firefox 65 to 72).


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