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The `datetime` attribute of the `<time>` may seem complicated: it accepts a lot of formats in order to deal with 1) moments 2) durations 3) timezone offsets.

I made a package to make your life easier with it. Here’s `datetime-attribute`:

As you can see in the screenshot, `datetime-attribute` comes with two functions: `datetime()` and `datetimeDuration()`.

It’s my first JS package and the first time I use unit tests.

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a dog is basically a roomba with less vendor lock in

Next week I’m gonna take a plane (for the 2nd time since 1987) that will be full of unmasked people.

And I can’t even go to the airport using public transport because of course there’s a fucking strike on that day. :nard:

I hate planes. I hate cars. I hate unmasked people in public transport.

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Fellows #CSS writers: Stylelint's selector specificity calculator doesn't handle Selectors Level 4 yet (:where() for example).

So don't do like me and loose half an hour at doubting about your understanding of the spec before getting it.😅

Checking your selectors on the first online calculator you find, who happen to handle them either, didn't help 😅

This one works:

And you can follow the GH issue here:

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New blog post: "More thoughts on SPAs"

Lord help me, I'm writing about SPAs again. Although this time I chose a less clickbaity title, because I'm tired of going viral in venues like HN where people vigorously debate the title without reading the article.

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@mackaj > Naysayers can go to /dev/null

Bookmarking! 😂 😂

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Tableau périodique de Mendeleïev organisé par quantité et disponibilité des éléments.

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Est-ce que vous avez un métier/une activité qui existait lorsque vous étiez enfant ?

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C’est en ligne 😊
Merci à @Norore pour les coups de main dans le code et le canard en plastique 😊

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Looking for a partner on a #GoToSocial frontend built with #React. Has to be a #PWA eventually.

Fair disclosure: I haven't done React in years, and have never made a PWA. You might be answering a lot of questions... but I'm a quick learner and very mobile with things. You can also _just_ point me to definitive and succinct resources.

More fair disclosure: I'm extremely picky about UI/UX.

@ me if interested.

This is a side project and well, expect the things that come with that territory.

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Got tired of WYSIWYG email editors and/or editing HTML directly, so I wrote a little app to edit markdown and get clean HTML you can copy and paste directly in SendGrid or anywhere else.

It's very simple, but it was fun to build :)

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[#JavaScript] It just occurred to me that .filter() could also be called .findAll():

> ['a', '', 'b', '', 'c'].find(str => str.length > 0)
> ['a', '', 'b', '', 'c'].filter(str => str.length > 0)
[ 'a', 'b', 'c' ]

Hey, people used to go to airports. Can you easily get luggages labels there, or should I plan that upfront?

I hate it, but I’m gonna use air travel soon (for the second time this century).

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Si un jour il vous prend l’envie de vous impliquer politiquement, je peux vous donner un petit conseil : ne faites pas mandataire financier.

C’est beaucoup de stress et beaucoup d’efforts pour finalement juste aller ouvrir un putain de compte en banque.

Les banques sont un cancer…


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“The balance has shifted away from SPAs - Read the Tea Leaves”

What can I say except that I totally, 100%, agree with Nolan here.

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Sans cet album japonais de 1978, les musiques électroniques n'auraient pas eu le même visage: Yellow Magic Orchestra

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FYI: When composing a new #toot, you can now specify its language. Obviously, I've marked this one as 🇬🇧 #English. #mastodon

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