With this I always forget this other developer that can’t explain what credentials/keys he needs from us on another shitty Google API. 🤣

The developer read it: “Seems like a big change and something to be heavily discussed to avoid pricing missmatch in production.”

Why do you think I wrote all these stuff. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In other words:

- Situation 1: I have people telling the devs their jobs, which is not respectful.

- Situation 2: I have a dev consulted to propose an approach because **he** has the project knowledge and API, and he’s “what about…”. So I answerd “I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking your opinion and approach. We [this]. Does I have that and only that if I query [your whatabout]?” -> Spoiler: no, and he’s gonna not read, and I’m gonna explain it twice…

Sorry, I’m gonna complain a lot about async communication issues these days.

In 15 min., I have:

- Two non-dev employees about using or not this specific CSS class. The discussion ends up with them asking me to make the cut, but the issue is at the DB level, not on CSS. 🙃

- An (very good) external developer: I need to query its API to extend the project, so I describe specific requirements about content validity state. Answer: “why don’t you…” -> He hasn’t read a single word about my needs… 😔

At the office: time lost due to the noise and interruptions.

At home: time lost due to poor communications.

Time lost today: ~ 4 hours. -_-

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There are companies jumping into this “we have to give advices about how to do remote working properly and blablabla” communication hype while they’ve experienced about zero of this remote stuff before.

The company I work for is one of these companies, and they don’t even plan to get some hints from the sole team (mine) that understand a bit the internet. 🙄

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Humans are always optimistic when it comes to making plans in order to anticipate big changes.

They always end up thinking the ideal timeline will happen, but here’s the reality.

- Climate change: nobody listens to the experts (scientists) when they show the timeline and the plan.

- Pandemic disease: nobody listens to the experts (scientists) when they show the timeline and the plan.

- Software estimations: nobody listens to the experts (developers) when they show the timeline and the plan.

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(En anglais.)

Tentative de modélisation de la durabilité de la hache d'Animal Crossing : twitter.com/ArtCorre/status/12

Quant au jardinage, c'est par là : twitter.com/torontobluejace/st

Not my core job, but Proxyman (macOS) seems very cool: proxyman.io

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Today, Tokyo parks and malls are bursting with activity 😧

Nobody appears to be too concerned, which is somewhat... concerning.

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What’s your favourite RSS feed reader?

I’ve got a few options to recommend for the web and macOS/iOS but not many browser extensions, or feed readers for Windows or Linux.

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Bonjour, #jeChercheUnJob à Bruxelles en développement web.
Surtout back. PHP, Laravel, Vuejs, Nodejs, tout ça. Aucun soucis, ça gère. Je souhaites surtout une agence web, avec des projets différents.
Ce que je ne veux pas: une boite où il n'y a qu'un seul logiciel et des boites de consultance.
J'habite à Ixelles, déplacement dans tout Bruxelles possible.

Merci ❤️

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Lyon: des SDF verbalisés pour ne pas avoir respecté le confinement

Comment rester confiné chez soi quand on n’a pas de chez soi ? Visiblement, les forces de l’ordre ne se posent pas toujours cette question

Any Open Sources license specialist? What’s the best open source license that allow the users to do WTF they want EXCEPT selling the code/product or make money with it?

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