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TIL that there’s a word for a broken piece of software that barely does what it’s supposed to and is a security hole by itself and that word is « shipped ».

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Pour les bidouilleurs de code, les articles (en anglais) de Fabien Sanglard sur les moteurs des jeux sont très intéressants, notamment une série d'articles sur les Doooooom ou encore les portages d'Another World. 

(@fabynou on adorerait un flux RSS !) …

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Dites-moi les Mastonautes,
vous savez si un site regroupe le coût en #CO2 des différents objets neufs ? (coût moyen, avec calcul du transport par ex)

On trouve pour un vélo, une voiture ou un PC, mais on n'a pas un site qui regroupe tout ça ?

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I love when the designer is inventing new form factors for phones. Here, a 1 meter high phone:

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Les nuages de lacrymo, c'est pratique pour suivre le cortège de la manifestation contre la réforme des retraites à Lyon.
Ca arrose le cortège des deux côtés du Rhône, Guillotière et Bellecour.

Exactly 1 hours without watching Basecamp. 😳

Today is mad.

“Apple’s iOS 13 update, released in September, includes regular reminders when apps are sucking up a user’s location data.


Right now opt-in rates to share data with apps when they’re not in use are often below 50%, said Benoit Grouchko, who runs the ad tech business Teemo that creates software for apps to collect location data. Three years ago those opt-in rates were closer to 100%, he said.”

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“Designer: hey, I picked these icons instead!”

“Me: the license is exactly the same.”

“Designer: …”

“Me: …”

“Designer: in fact, it’s been a year I pick icons from that service and we don’t pay…”

Of course I wasn’t included in any of these projects, and nobody is using the checklist we collectively made.

And of course, now is the discussion between the manager and the designer. This discussion will costs more than any icon service licensing.

Also, as we were again in a _rush_ mode (deadline, yipiiie), I already sliced and optimized the 10 icons that will have to change.

Cost prevision: 10x.

Me : “hey designer, for the icons, make sure the ones you pick are either buyable once (no subscription) either copyright free”

Designer : “here are the icons!”

Me: “what about licensing?”

Designer: “they comes from [this service]”

Me: * browse 70000 icons because of course the designer haven’t saved the links for the icons picked *

Also me: “hey, these icons requires a membership subscription”

Designer: “how, no big deal, I gonna redraw them the same way”

Me: “plagiarism… interesting. 🤨”

« Tiens, allons voir si le domaine ara[.]be est disponible, y’a certainement un truc rigolo à faire. »

Fin du game 🤨 :

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Here's the percentage of your life the U.S. has been at war.

Source: Washington Post

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"je ne donne pas d'ordres, je ne reçois pas d'ordres" <3

Audrey Tang: hackeuse, anarchiste et ministre taïwanaise - Asie-Pacifique - RFI

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