I came up with the name Pixelfed and registered the domains before I wrote 1 line of code for the project.

The first thing I focused on was the UI.

It didn't even have a proper backend, everything was hardcoded. I took a few screenshots 2 days after registering the domains and announced it.

The project name wasn't released for a month and a half, the only person who knew the project name was @yabirgb (@anfora dev). We chatted a lot and he inspired a lot of features that made it to :pixelfed:


@dansup @yabirgb @anfora Ha ha, nice. :D

I recently released canistop.net (early version) and made it for two reasons: 1) I needed it for myself 2) I wanted to learn VueJS.

But at first, I only focused on HTML+JS: it has zero CSS (see screenshot). Than, because I’m bad at design, I made an attempt to see how it could look on desktop, and coded it without mobile responsivness (other screenshot). And now it’s a PWA with a mobile only layout. :D

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