Me, front-end developer: “I’m not confident with this server operation and there’s anyway no reason to do it. We should avoid it.”

Project manager: “Why can’t you do it? The client wants it.”

Me: “…”

P.M.: “…”

Me: “Because I’m a fucking FRONT-END DEVELOPER! I can’t be good at 3 jobs [front-end, back-end, servers]. Isn’t that obvious?”

Apparently not. No matter the skills ranges, there’s always that moment when someone doesn’t trust your opinion, even when you’re right like 99% of the time.


(And yes, I’m the only developer and can’t get any help because there’s no will for the rest of the company to open the eyes on the value and the need of good developers. Tired.)

And on the other side the same project manager asked me on his own how he can make small copy changes directly in the GitHub GUI, so he’s now able to commit changes 1) directly in a new branch 2) and to PR it just afterwards.

Humans does their best, but sometimes they just get lost and it creates non-sense. And I’m talkin' about a rather good person that just, like me, suffers from a complicated and toxic environment. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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