Me : “hey designer, for the icons, make sure the ones you pick are either buyable once (no subscription) either copyright free”

Designer : “here are the icons!”

Me: “what about licensing?”

Designer: “they comes from [this service]”

Me: * browse 70000 icons because of course the designer haven’t saved the links for the icons picked *

Also me: “hey, these icons requires a membership subscription”

Designer: “how, no big deal, I gonna redraw them the same way”

Me: “plagiarism… interesting. 🤨”

And of course, now is the discussion between the manager and the designer. This discussion will costs more than any icon service licensing.

Also, as we were again in a _rush_ mode (deadline, yipiiie), I already sliced and optimized the 10 icons that will have to change.

Cost prevision: 10x.

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“Designer: hey, I picked these icons instead!”

“Me: the license is exactly the same.”

“Designer: …”

“Me: …”

“Designer: in fact, it’s been a year I pick icons from that service and we don’t pay…”

Of course I wasn’t included in any of these projects, and nobody is using the checklist we collectively made.

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@mortal And now the manager is like “so, we don’t have any other choice than paying…”.

Approximative costs breakdown:
- 100 € in human discussions;
- yearly 100 € for the subscription;
- yearly 25 € for the invoice management (yep);
- yearly 50 € for further “do we really need to keep this subscription?” discussion;
- 15 € for me complaining on Mastodon.



Manager: Mastodon’s cost is getting really out of hands this days…

@mortal @meduz Hello sir do you have a minute to talk about our Lord and Savior MSPaint ?

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