Recently on Twitter, some tech people openly shared how much they make.

It's good, but only rich workers are sharing. It doesn't help to feel good nor reflect anything about life quality, happiness, perspectives…

Let's try to make it more useful.

🏫 self-taught
🏷 front-end web developer

🌎 Brussels (Belgium)
⏳ 4 years
⏱️ 30 h./week
🎉 unhappy (noise, solo dev, uninteresting projects)

🤝 freelance
💸 25k € (44k inc. taxes)
🍨 no perks

📉 0 € savings/month
🔭 no perspective

👀 open to next gig

I should have added: I'm the only source of income in our couple. No kids, 2 cats, we regularly have medical spendings, and the 68 square meters flat we rent is costing us ~780 €/month, or 1030 € including charges (insurances, water, electricity, heating, internet, and building charges).

Without medical spendings, we could save around 150 €/month or be able to go on holidays.

In other words: hire me, I'm good with HTML, CSS, JS, VueJS and Laravel.

@meduz I would be interested in this becoming a thing. If more people share I'll join in too.

@Gina @meduz
I'm dropping in as a reply, because no hashtag (harder to find)

🏫 2 years degree
🏷 sysadmin/devops

🌎 Bordeaux (Frncea)
⏳ 1 year
⏱️ ≥35 h./week
🎉 happy (cool colleagues, whole infra to build)

🤝 full-time
💸 15k € (17k inc. taxes)
🍨 no perks

📉 1000 € savings/month [1]
🔭 alternance in september-november

👀 open to next gig

I have a "special" case because I continue school after a working year. I have a new contract starting march the first with an other pay

[1] still living in parents home, I'm about to movein a colocation for less travel time, so savings will drop fast

@meduz Let's have a hashtag so that it not necessarily be a reply to this post alone.


So you are effectively taxed at 43% of the income? 😮 That sounds excessive, especially with such level of income.


As I’m a freelancer, taxes includes gross salary with all charges/taxes normally payed by an employer. Not only the personal income charges/taxes.

My gross salary before taxes is more like 30k €.

Otherwise in Belgium, taxes are crazy. You enter the 40-45% income tax rate so quickly: (That’s why we have one of the highest company car rate by worker: those cars aren’t taxed at all, all good for the commuters even when they don’t need a car.)

@meduz It is indeed very high taxation for very low income levels. In the UK you'd pay 20% up to 50k GBP, only beyond that it becomes much more progressive

@kravietz Yes I know, and I’m sick of this. Once you’re a bit above the minimal legal threshold, you’re a bit doomed. :(


I'll play along. This needs a hashtag, though, so the entire Fediverse isn't just replying to your toot.

You started it. Pick a hashtag, and I'll toot my IT history under it.

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