Nice to see that the vast majority of my website is loaded from my CDN. At this point, the caching is so good that it's practically a static site.

Also really interesting that only 1% of my site is actual HTML! That's surprising.

I love how my site looks with the fonts, but my goodness, with them being 85% of the total content, maybe I need to rethink...

Then again, the entire site is pretty quick (~400ms), so maybe I should just leave it. 🙂

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@kev You may reconsider Fira Sans (or subset it to make it lighter): it’s the heavy one, used for titles only.


@kev Then you’re next step is to subset it: ; they also have a Latin only build that is 10% the payload of the full set:

@meduz I used the Font Squirrel tool create the fonts I have. I didn't know there was a Latin only version though. I'll definitely be testing that on my staging site. Thanks!

@meduz urgh the repo containing the Latin only fonts has been deleted. :(

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