Opinion needed from people familiar with RTL (right-to-left) languages.

I’m adding a “countries name auto-translation” to @canistop (feat. `Intl.displayNames`). The whole UI remains in English, however.

Which of the following layouts makes more sense?

@meduz @canistop The one with the translation underneath the English text is easier to follow. It’s more clear that the two pieces of text are related.

@kyleschroeder @canistop Thanks Kyle! That’s also what came out from feedback I got on

Copy-pasting some findings here:

Unfortunately there’s no browser API to provide the direction of a language.

- a JS package:
- Unicode CDLR data (, which I choose to use through a PHP lib named Punic (

So I created an endpoint just for the sake of getting the value of HTML `dir` attribute. :n8rd:

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