Companies hiring React devs now: Blackrock, Palantir, Ikea, Amazon, Tesla, Spotify, TikTok.

It’s weird to me that these companies are using a framework that is not at all among the fastest nor the more convenient nor the closest one to the web platform.

I mean… Facebook invented that framework, and they are marginally using it, so there might be a reason for that.


Excellent article about React remaining popular only because it’s popular:

@meduz Skimmed through it. Makes sense.

I think I have a mental block when learning new(er) UI frameworks, the way same I had for Redux until recently. Sure I could learn and feel nice about Svelte (and I have used it) — but that talk about familiarity is so spot on.

React for all its (talked about) short-comings (that I personally cannot vouch for) is something that feels comfortable.

@meduz the article describes very well the feeling I had of React. But I wasn't sure if my feeling was correct as I just worked with Vue so far.

@duco I’m in the same situation than you: I either go for Vue or plain JS. So I don’t know React but everything I’ve seen about it so far goes in the same direction of this article.

As we’re transitioning to React at work, I’m rather confident in 1 year from now I’ll still have the exact same opinion (unless I quit before).

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