scootaloo v0.1.9 is available:

Quick changelog:
* bump version of egg-mode to 0.14
* align the version of tokio to that used by egg-mode
* align the version of reqwest to that used by mammut

That trims a lot of fat from the software going from 12MiB to 9.4MiB for an x64 executable.

I’m trying to figure out if this would be a good idea to try to async the part where scootaloo gathers the medias from Twitter.

Technically, I probably can pull it off (this is a simple maner of launching everything in threads and rendez-vous the results on the blocking main threads), but I’m afraid this might have unexpected consequences (what if filenames are the same? What if the order in which the images are shown in the tweet is important?)

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And, yes, scootaloo v0.2.0.

* mammut replaced by its successor elefren

The workflow of building a status for Mastodon has changed a lot with elefren, which will potentially give the ability to integrate more easily some asynchroneous things in there (still a WIP tho).

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